Hello and welcome to my personal profile page! On this page I would like to give you some information about me, my progress, my experience and my projects.

I am the team leader of a small web-hosting department of a large construction company. Since more than 15 years I am working as a DevOps and I try to push the automatization to a higher level. When theory meets practice things are often not working as expected. Combining the actual theoretical technical developments with real world IT problems and creating something new out of it is my passion. The art is to solve real world IT problems by transforming the theory into working and durable solutions.


Speaker at the Devops Gathering 2018

2018 - Present
I will give a talk about the power of DevOps with Docker: Ops unleashed at the Devops Gathering 2018 at Bochum!

Docker Meetup #1 organizer

2018 - Present
If you are interested in joining our first Docker Meetup #1 South Austria please follow this link.

Docker Community Leader

2017 - Present
Docker Community Leader and Docker Meetup organizer south Austria.

Teamleader Hosting Web

2000 - Present
Strabag SE, Austria


Thats my list of projects, open source issues and other stuff I am interested in. This list has no specific order.

Docker Bosnd - The Docker Bosnd is the successor of our Docker Border Controller. More flexible and Docker Swarm aware! Just have a look at it!
DockerCon EU - Hopefully I can attend the DockerCon EU 2017 at Copenhagen! Check! It was a great week! I met a lot of people there which I met on the internet before! Great talks, great party! Hopefully I can attend to Docker Con EU 18!
Docker Border Controller - This is a project that we have started to connect Docker stack services with a Nginx load balancer in a smart way. We are using this project for all our Docker services and we use this every day in our large webserver farm. If you are interested, you can fork the project on Github.
SMS Gateway - Some years ago we started a project which enables the user to send SMS via commodity hardware. This project is useful, if you have to send two factor authentication tokens to your users. The code of the project can be found on Github. Just follow this link.


Thats my list of books, which I read and which I would like to recommend.

The Phoenix Project, Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford - Really cool novel about the "DevOps Thing". If you are working in this ecosphere, read it. It is fun, it is thrilling and it contains a lot of useful tipps and tricks too.
Moonwalking with Einstein, Joshua Foer - Very informational book about human thinking and memorizing. The book is written mostly as novel, but it also provides a lot of useful tipps how anyone can remember anything with practice.

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"The distance between belief and knowledge is infinite." - [Mario Kleinsasser]